Eliminating Enrollment Pain Points

Five Strategies to Increase Applicant Conversion Rates

Topics: Community College, Enrollment Management, Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Student Experience, Student Retention and Success

Much Work Left to Do

Current Efforts Lead to Incremental Improvements, But Ultimately Insufficient

Community college leaders have not been idle in the face of these challenges. In response to dwindling application numbers and rising applicant attrition rates, college leaders have implemented a variety of programs and practices on their campuses, including express registration days, customer service training modules for all student-facing roles, one-stop shops that centralize student services in one location on campus, and additional communication channels that allow students to call, text, and Skype directly with college staff.

These initiatives demonstrate leaders’ commitment to continuous improvement on their campuses and represent a step in the right direction for simplifying the new student intake experience. However, service gaps remain.

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Increasing Conversion Critical to Financial Health

Pleasant, Professional, but Still Effortful