Growing Corporate Training Revenue

Five Strategies to Scale Employer Outreach

Topics: Community College, Alternative Revenues, Revenue Enhancement, Administration and Finance, Economic Development, Industry Partnerships, Academic Affairs, Customized Training

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Executive Summary

In response to state funding cuts and enrollment volatility, community college leaders are turning to alternative revenue streams to fund their strategic priorities. In this financial climate, corporate training represents a large and growing revenue opportunity for colleges. Each year, U.S. employers spend $177 billion on formal training for their workers, and their investment will expand as the economic recovery continues.

Although community colleges offer customized, flexible, and affordable training solutions, they currently have just a small share of the corporate training market: only 9% of U.S. employers maintain a formal training partnership with a college or university. This white paper explores how college leaders can develop a proactive and scalable employer outreach strategy to expand corporate training revenue. By reading this white paper, members will learn:

  • How to promote training solutions through business-to-business marketing channels
  • How to generate warm leads for training partnerships through needs assessment
  • How to design training options for small employers, especially in rural service areas
  • Toolkit and Resource Center 

    This toolkit provides templates, guides, and other resources that complement this report and will help you increase employer outreach and your institution's corporate training revenue. Access now.

Top Lessons from the Study