Getting to the Next Phase in Student Success

Partnering with Faculty to Achieve Sustainable Campus-Wide Change

This study identifies three critical aspects of faculty engagement to improve the success of community college students.

Sustaining Momentum During Presidential Transitions

Despite billions of dollars and countless hours spent on pilot programs, tech solutions, and targeted sub-population interventions, the six-year graduation rate at community colleges remains stuck below 30% nationally. Community college leaders recognize that they need to make changes to meet ambitious completion goals, and that faculty can and should play a large role in student success efforts. By challenging the status quo, leaders can better engage and recruit faculty.

This study focuses on three critical aspects of faculty engagement: making strategic goals meaningful for frontline faculty, increasing faculty participation in mitigating student risk, and elevating committee and task force performance.

Next, improve the community college onboarding experience

Student onboarding is another area where community colleges face different challenges than four-year institutions. Check out our latest diagnostic to see your campus through the lens of a first-time student.

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