The Shifting Enrollment Landscape

New Disciplines in Marketing and Recruiting

This study provides 14 practices to help community college leaders better engage and recruit students in enrollment's shifting landscape.

The Shifting Enrollment Landscape

As the number of traditional-aged students continues to decline, community college leaders must focus on enrollment and recruitment strategies in their control. This study provides guidance on specific audience segments to target and engage in addition to types of outreach activities that could encourage students to continue their education.

Download the full report or explore the table of contents to learn more about enrollment's changing landscape and the tailored approaches to marketing and recruiting at colleges like Spokane Falls Community College, Fox Valley Technical College, and Northwest Iowa Community College.

A key challenge: Serving an implausibly diverse market

As enrollment at community colleges declines, college leaders need to take a more targeted approach to enrollment strategies, outreach activities, and recruitment activities to better engage with potential students.

Administrators have struggled to define their target audience because their mission requires them to serve such a diverse population. With an ever-growing variety of student segments, like enrichment seekers, single parents, returning veterans and working adults, it can be daunting to develop a recruitment strategy that encompasses every type of audience.

Often, community college administrators find it challenging to identify marketing channels and value propositions that appeal to their varied segments.

The goal: Strategic outreach in a changing enrollment landscape

By focusing efforts on two key audience segments, students new to higher education and students with many college options, community colleges are able to better target outreach and recruitment activities.

First-generation students comprise the primary audience of many community colleges, but administrators need to navigate this process with their applicants. With students with many college options, the approach needs to focus marketing efforts on differentiation and staying top-of-mind among these students.

The 14 practices outlined in this study will help you improve applicant conversion and capture prospect mindshare through your marketing and recruitment efforts.

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