Eliminating Enrollment Pain Points

Implementation Toolkit

On the surface, the student intake process seems like a straight line from one step to the next. But that's not what students experience. Students struggle to navigate from application to the first day of classes, encountering obstacles that prevent them from ever setting foot in the class room.

This toolkit—a supplement to our related study—will help streamline your enrollment process.

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Student Acceptance Letter Template

Progressive colleges ensure that students receive an acceptance letter including a student ID number and guidance on next steps immediately following the submission of an application. The letter should be integrated with the student information system to input student-specific information and the student ID. Students should receive both an instant electronic copy and a hard copy in the mail.

The Student Acceptance Letter Template can be used when considering language and content to include in automated acceptance letters to students.

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Sample Enrollment Checklist

This sample enrollment checklist is derived from many enrollment checklists collected during our research. Failing to give students an enrollment checklist can leave them unsure of how to make it from application to enrollment.

Checklists must include necessary hyperlinks, details, and follow-up steps to guide students through the enrollment process. Students should receive an institution-specific enrollment checklist at their first point of contact with the institution, be it during a visit to campus or application for admission.

Progressive colleges often create additional student population-specific enrollment checklists for student groups that require unique enrollment steps (e.g., students with prior college credit, veterans, etc.).

This sample enrollment checklist can be used as a baseline for creation of college-specific enrollment checklists but must be adjusted for college and/or state policies and institution-specific details.

The Sample Enrollment Checklist can be used when considering language and content to include in automated acceptance letters to students.

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