Developing Centers for Innovative and Online Teaching and Learning

Topics: Online Education, Academic Affairs

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In order to keep pace with rapid developments in digital pedagogy, centers for teaching and learning are increasingly training faculty members in the use of instructional technology and supporting them in the development of online courses. This report examines the mission, activities, staffing, and budget of innovative centers for teaching and learning. It explains how centers creatively leverage their available space to achieve their goals and foster collaboration among faculty, as well as among faculty and center staff.

Research Questions

  • What is the scope of the activities conducted by innovative centers for teaching and learning (e.g., research and publications, technology development and implementation, faculty grants, corporate training initiatives, etc.)?
  • How does the center use space efficiently and creatively to achieve its mission?
  • What features of the space do administrators of the center find particularly effective?
  • How would administrators ideally allocate the facility’s available space?