Enrolling International Students in Online Programs

Program Implementation, Guidelines, and Support Services


This research brief explores the processes required to launch fully-online programs that enroll international students. Specifically, it examines decision-making regarding the types of program launched, licensure and regulatory requirements, staffing, and support services required for international online student programming.

Key observations from our research

1. While most profiled institutions focus online program recruitment efforts on domestic students, two of five profiled institutions establish partnerships with corporations or institutions abroad to recruit international students to online programs.

2. Program administrators do not consider licensure and regulatory requirements for individual countries unless they specifically seek to recruit students from those countries.

3. To avoid scheduling conflicts between differing time zones for content delivery, program administrators ensure that courses are asynchronous and accessible to students regardless of time published.

3. Institutions do not offer additional support services for international students, but some contacts observe increased usage of these services by international students.

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