Strategic Planning and Logistics for MOOC Initiatives


This research investigates the strategic direction of institutional partnerships with external Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms (e.g., Coursera, edX). We consider how administrators select courses and instructors, work across multiple MOOC platforms, and integrate MOOCS through additional strategies (e.g., offer courses exclusively for alumni).

Key observations from our research

1. Across the past four to five years, administrators and faculty at profiled institutions transitioned from exploring online learning through massive open online courses (MOOCs) to strategically linking MOOC initiatives to institutional priorities.

2. Teaching centers, offices for digital learning, and offices for continuing education house MOOC initiatives at profiled institutions, typically with oversight from deans and provosts.

3. Faculty interest primarily determines MOOC topics at profiled institutions.

4. As the missions of MOOC platforms shift from promoting open access in education to generating revenue, profiled administrators observe that MOOCs increasingly serve as vehicles for continuing education.

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