Pre-College Programs for International Students

Organization, Staffing, and Program Design


This research brief profiles pre-college preparatory programs at six U.S. institutions that cater to international high school students. The report discusses the organization, administration, program marketing, recruitment, and financial structure of contacted programs. The report also details the on-campus experience provided to participating students, and staffing structures for residential operations.

Key observations from our research

1. Most pre-college programs at profiled institutions serve both international and domestic students.

2. Organizational structures for pre-college program services range from centralized teams dedicated specifically to the program to shared distributed services across campus.

3. Effective international recruitment efforts depend on existing global reach and favorable market conditions.

4. All profiled pre-college programs for students under the age of 18 include an on-campus residential experience.

5. Program administrators implement strict rules and guidelines to ensure students are safe.

6. Most profiled programs provide limited or no pedagogical training for faculty teaching in pre-college programs.

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