Catalyzing Growth and Innovation

Continuing, professional, and online education units have long operated as R&D arms, not only for their campuses, but for higher education writ large. And yet, at many institutions, innovations pioneered by COE units fail to achieve meaningful scale. Now, as pressures mount and traditional approaches to marketing, recruitment, and program development prove insufficient, universities and colleges increasingly rely on COE units to chart a new path to growth.

Please join us at this year’s Marketing and Recruiting Intensives. While our Executive Roundtable Meetings are reserved for the institution’s senior-most COE executive, this intensive session is open to two staff from every member institution. You and your peers will explore the challenges related to marketing and recruiting in continuing, professional, and online education. These sessions will also focus on how COE institutions can harness data to design new innovative programs and outcomes-focused marketing messages, and how units can forge new partnerships to innovate beyond campus walls.