Hyper-stackable Emerging Careers

Meet the Rising Demand for Cybersecurity and Aging Services Professionals

Topics: Academic Affairs, Online Education, Marketing and Branding, Academic Planning

COE Forum

About the Presentation

Despite the growing demand for IT professionals and aging services, many employers still struggle to find qualified candidates. Don’t miss your chance to meet the rising demand for these professional fields.

In this presentation, we profile how leading institutions have created stackable, interdisciplinary pathways that appeal to both employers and students—and how you can implement these best practices at your institution. Watch as our experts discuss:

  • Cybersecurity: The potential “stackability” of cybersecurity programs that will allow multiple entry and exit points to accommodate career starters, career advancers, and even career changers.

  • Aging services: With an aging senior citizen population, demand is growing in fields such as healthcare, marketing, financial planning, and interior design but programs are continuing to struggle. Discover how aging services programs can adjust their curriculum to appeal to mid-career professionals.