Industry Insights—Big Data

Opportunities for Continuing and Professional Education in the Next Decade

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About the Webconference

A scarce skill in every sector of the economy, affecting many mass-market occupations

Big Data – the vast and proliferating amount of information capturable from electronic commerce through digital imaging, smart phones, RFID tagging, and social media content—is being touted as “the next oil, an asset becoming more cheap and ubiquitous by the day that companies in every sector of the economy can leverage to improve economics and devise new business models. A credible case can be made that harnessing Big Data promises the same magnitude of productivity gains achieved by networked computing in the 1990s, as firms pursue smart supply chains, personalized and location-based marketing strategies, and collaborative R&D.

The biggest barrier to realizing Big Data’s potential is a nascent skills shortage. Hundreds of thousands of “data scientists” – professionals combining programming, statistics and business domain skills – will be needed in the years ahead, with millions of traditional white-collar jobs in management, sales, marketing and HR likely to require the ability to pose and interpret sophisticated data analysis. Many think Continuing, Professional and Online Education units are ideally positioned to help their institutions respond to this opportunity, as the terrain is inherently interdisciplinary, spans undergraduate, working adult and international target student populations, and because so many established programs can likely benefit from Big Data curriculum concentrations or extensions.

Real-time employer demand analytics and innovative program profiles

Through our partnership with labor market analytics firm Burning Glass to mine millions of online job postings for real-time insight into employer hiring needs, this webinar explores where demand for Big Data skills is growing fastest, and what kinds of educational programs are emerging in response:

Key questions addressed in this session:

  • What big data jobs titles are growing fastest?
  • What are the highest-demand specialized skills?
  • What are the hottest industries and MSASs?
  • What are the structures of successful terminal masters, online-only, and short format programs?
  • What external social and professional communities do target students frequent in large numbers?

Presenter: Chris Miller

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