Encouraging Re-Enrollment and Cultivating Cross-Campus Partnerships

Recruiting the Silent Funnel, Part II

Topics: Online Education, Academic Affairs, Online Strategies, Online Student Support Services

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About the Presentation

Investments in content marketing and website redesign allow prospects to collect information on programs more easily and more quickly than ever before. But while prospects have an unlimited amount of information at their fingertips, an unexpected downside has emerged: most feel no need to contact an institution before applying. Nearly 70% of applicants are unknown to an institution before starting an application, leaving marketing staff focusing scarce time and resources on a small—and shrinking—percentage of the prospect pool.

Faced with an unprecedented number of "stealth" applicants, marketing leaders face two options to increase yield and grow enrollments: find ways to identify students earlier, or focus more resources on warm leads with a vested interest in the institution.

In part two of "Recruiting the Silent Funnel," we highlight ways to encourage student re-enrollment in related courses and programs and to build meaningful connections with alumni services and career services offices across campus.

Presenter: Jed Diamond