How small-scale experimentation can help you streamline marketing channels

Recently, COE marketing leaders began to witness a seismic shift in their approach to student acquisition. COE units can no longer rely on traditional ”brand reach” tactics (e.g., SEO) to secure enrollments in the competitive market. State-of-the-art marketing practices have evolved, and the number of available channels and technology solutions continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. With such an array of marketing channels to choose from, many marketing leaders are unsure which technologies will provide the greatest opportunity and the lowest monetary risk.

While each solution has the potential to benefit the marketing team, technology alone does not lead to success. Moreover, marketers cannot afford to invest in every new channel. Instead, marketers need to focus their outreach efforts.

9 types of Millennial students

Millennials comprise a growing number of seats in COE programs, but—despite common stereotypes—this generation is far from one-dimensional. Our infographic outlines nine types of Millennial students to help you align your marketing strategy, program offerings, and student services with the segments most likely to enroll in current and future programs. Download the infographic.

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