How COE units can help close the skills gap

Notes from the 2016 T-Summit Conference

By Katie Mangan

This year’s T-Summit Conference centered on the theme “Transformational Approaches to Creating T-Shaped Professionals”. The conference connected leaders from industry, academia, government, foundations, and professional organizations to discuss educational models that help students develop T-shaped skillsets to meet current and future workforce needs.

The summit’s focus on the role of the public and private sectors in cultivating T-shaped professionals complements the COE Forum’s current and past research on how progressive institutions can communicate the value of their programs to both students and employers as pressure to close the “skill gap” continues to mount.

An opportunity for COE units

To help students create their T-shape, increasing numbers of administrators are turning to design thinking programs. These programs combine business courses with a larger problem-solving framework to emphasize experimental and collaborative learning. Download our white paper to learn more.

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Creating T-Shaped Professionals

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