Why your students are an untapped resource to power high-impact employer partnerships

COE units traditionally seek to meet employer needs by translating academic program content into skill-building programs for local professionals. Because they focus on opportunities to offer training programs to corporate and nonprofit partners, many COE units highlight strong academic foundations and renowned subject matter experts as key value propositions for prospective clients.

However, hiring skilled employees ready to add value on day one represents a greater challenge to many employers than training existing workers, with recent figures indicating that hiring costs employers over three times as much as training. While offering training for existing employees represents a valuable service, providing access to top emerging student talent through contract-based projects either embedded in curricula or completed on partner premises represents an incredible value add for employer partners.

More insight into today's job market

As the pressure mounts to be first-to-market with distinctive programs, many COE leaders label new program development as highly reactive—often based more on faculty curricular interests than regional workforce needs. Our state market demand dashboard offers a snapshot of the hottest jobs, skills, and employers in each state. Download the dashboard

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