3 things you’ll learn at the 2019 COE national meeting

Pressure on COE efforts hasn’t abated since we shared some of your most aggressive growth goals during last year’s national meeting series. If anything, as the economy improves and prospective students prioritize work over education, leaders of continuing, online, and professional education find themselves facing even greater challenges. Members are coming to us for help eliminating the chasm between COE and the “core” campus strategy, picking the right programs for future growth while avoiding hype-driven missteps, and identifying what role employer partnerships can play in long-term success.

These pressures drove our research across the past year. Starting this week, we’re looking forward to hosting COE leaders and their teams to offer our solutions. Attendees will hear and discuss:

  • How to enter the next phase of organizational design and begin establishing COE at the center of institutional strategy
  • Practices to build an adaptive emerging technology portfolio, given the fast pace of technological change and barriers like instructional talent shortages and confusion about which technologies merit attention vs. which are simply hype
  • Perspectives on a COE-centered approach to university-industry partnerships

As a sneak peek, explore our enhanced audience segmentation for emerging technology offerings. Because the field is always evolving, technology programs run significant risk of poor design unsuited to specific segments’ needs.

Take blockchain as an example: even students may not recognize if they qualify as a novice or a near-expert or know how to apply knowledge about blockchain within their careers. But with nearly 50 articles published to Google News in a single evening alone, students believe they should be learning more. Segment your audience by their goals, roles, and technical expertise to create programs designed to students’ needs.

Define audience narrowly to target design (Click to expand)

Define Audience Narrowly to Target Design

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