How intensive bootcamps appeal to students short on time

A condensed format better meets the needs of young professionals

Topics: Online Course Quality, Online Education, Academic Affairs, Online Strategies, Adult Learners, Special Populations, Student Experience, Student Affairs

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Lisa GeraciLisa Geraci, Consultant

COE Forum members across North America have observed a recent uptick in students enrolling enroll in one or two courses in lieu of a full certificate. Believing that students lack the interest and money to enroll in a full program, many have made it easier for students to enroll in only one course, waiving prerequisites and marketing courses rather than programs.

Our study, Designing Programs for the Millennial Workforce, reveals that a lack of time—rather than a lack of interest or money—prevents students from enrolling in full-length programs. Typical programs require a 12-18 month commitment from students, a prohibitively long length of time for young professionals who want to advance or change careers quickly. Intensive bootcamps help solve the conflict between breadth and depth, made clear by the success of several private education companies that operate bootcamps in order to better align with professionals' career goals.