Competing on Student Outcomes to Attract Today’s Career Changer

Turning Passive Interest into Program Enrollments

This study demonstrates how outcomes marketing can capture the attention and enrollment of undecided career changers through 12 best practices and supporting tools.

Competing on Student Outcomes to Attract Today’s Career Changer

Program-focused marketing messages that fail to articulate unique value propositions are no longer sufficient to attract prospective students to professional, adult, and online education programs. Consumers today are highly skeptical of marketing messages, filtering out solicitations and content not immediately relevant or engaging. As demand for consumer attention becomes more competitive than ever, and prospective students become more skeptical, and more focused on “ROI,” program-focused marketing messages have lost their power to attract sufficient enrollments. These forces are particularly acute for a largely untapped prospective student population: career changers who are unsure what role to pursue next and unconvinced that further education could support such a move.

This study surfaces practices to help marketers attract the attention of career changers with messages that focus on the professional outcomes of a program, rather than that program’s availability or logistics. Download the study or explore the table of contents to learn how to highlight relevant local and regional career opportunities to capture scarce prospective student attention, support prospective students’ independent career exploration, and deploy authentic student value stories and other forms of social proof to encourage students to inquire, apply, and ultimately enroll. This publication also includes the Outcomes Marketing Toolkit—a suite of tools and resources to accelerate implementation of featured practices.

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