Health Professions

Capitalizing on Creative Disruption

As health care legislation spurs demand for health professions, COE units' program portfolios must keep up.

COE units are uniquely able to take advantage of the opportunities and sidestep the challenges created by profound shifts in the marketplace. Health care reform has changed the way that health systems provide care and how patients consume care. Evolving expectations change hospitals’ staffing demands, increasing the need for (allied) health professionals. COE units are able to capitalize on this growth by expanding existing health profession programs or investing in new ones.

Creative disruption is a way of thinking that emphasizes the growth opportunities unlocked for those organizations that identify them early, and act accordingly. The market agility and focus on working professionals of COE units, position them to capitalize on the structural changes resulting from health care reforms. As health professions are some of the fastest growing occupations in the United States, your program portfolio should tap into student and labor market demand.

The COE Forum identified the Health Professions Growth Portfolio of long-term opportunities to explore: Health Informatics, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. Explore these specific sections or download the study as a whole.

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