Introducing the Competency-Based Education and Prior Learning Assessment Playbook

Coming in Spring 2015

Our Latest Resource for Competency-Based Education

We're pleased to announce that our new Competency-Based Education (CBE) and Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Playbook will be released this spring.

The playbook will help members make decisions about alternative credit programs and accelerate their implementation plans. Based on lessons learned from pioneers in competency-based education and prior learning, the compendium of tools will supports members no matter where they are on the adoption curve.

How the playbook can support your institution

1. For members deciding whether to launch a new program
CBE and PLA primers will assist with stakeholder education, while program planning roadmaps will outline development timelines and resource requirements.

2. For members in the midst of launch or program expansion
Implementation tools will focus on speeding time-to-launch and avoiding common administrative roadblocks. Additionally, a special suite of tools focused on student screening and academic coaching will give members resources to promote student success in self-paced and non-traditional programs.

Download the Playbook