Mobile Site Optimization Toolkit

Topics: Academic Affairs, Online Education, Online Strategies, Strategic Planning

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About the Toolkit

As more education search queries take place on mobile devices, the functionality and utility of information on your mobile site needs to meet the demands of today's prospective student. This toolkit—a supplement to our Mobile Site Optimization study—helps members as they prioritize their mobile site efforts. Use the resources below as an aid for tasks such as designing and writing mobile content, implementing optimization changes, and selecting vendors.

The toolkit is segmented into sections based upon common challenges members face when looking to optimize their website. Members of the COE Forum can log in above to access the complete toolkit.

I. Content Prioritization

Redesigning or retrofitting a website for mobile is the perfect opportunity to review web content on the basis of clarity and necessity. This tool will aid in the review process, which consists of three phases: a content inventory, content audit, and content analysis. It provides lists of critical information to collect throughout an audit, as well as criteria to use to determine whether to keep, update, or discard content.

Download PDF Conducting a Content Inventory, Audit, & Analysis

Mobile content prioritization should be a collaborative process among all website users, including prospective students, current students, past students, faculty, and staff. This tool provides a module of questions that can be integrated into various data collection instruments that likely already exist: student satisfaction surveys, faculty and staff meeting agendas, prospective student focus groups, and alumni surveys.

Download PDF Stakeholder-Agnostic Content Prioritization Module

A content prioritization matrix organizes potential content along the spectrums of audience demand and work/resource intensiveness. Once completed, the matrix will offer a clear sense of mobile quick-wins versus long-term objectives and low priorities.

Download PDF Content Prioritization Matrix