Designing Programs for the Millennial Workforce—Implementation Toolkit

Certificates and other non-degree programs are especially critical to serving the nation’s 80 million Millennials, a generation burdened with student loan debt and expected to change jobs once every three years. This toolkit, a supplement to our study Designing Programs for the Millennial Workforce, helps members design, launch, and maintain non-degree programs that exceed enrollment targets and cater to the needs of this diverse population.

Use the resources below to enhance your non-degree offerings throughout the program development lifecycle—from market validation to alumni follow-up.

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New Program Launch and Implementation Template

Proposal templates standardize and speed up the new program development process by requiring all new programs provide plans for design and implementation. However, programs rarely require program directors to demonstrate the workforce need and employment outcomes associated with a proposed program.

The New Program Launch and Implementation Template empowers faculty and program directors to quantify a program’s economic impact, resulting in proposals that are better aligned with local and regional training needs.

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