Enrollment leaders at selective institutions have been working for years on affordability and diversity. As one EM put it, "if this was an easy problem to solve, we would have solved it already." Barriers include conflicting mandates: How to advance affordability while meeting the institution’s need for tuition revenue? How to grow access for traditionally underrepresented students without jeopardizing average test scores and the university's ranking?  In addition, affordability and diversity challenges are rooted in social, economic, and structural inequities that lie far outside the control of any university. These obstacles are well understood among EMs—but the urgency of finding solutions is growing.

Join us for the Enrollment Management Forum's dedicated meeting series for selective college and university enrollment leaders. The two-day meeting will feature trend analysis, case studies, and tactical advice specific to selective institutions, as well as confidential discussion with peers who share similar enrollment challenges.

You will take away from this meeting:

  • Guidance on navigating the emerging shifts in the market for selective higher education, including trends in economics, student behavior, and policy
  • Road map for refining pricing and aid models—specific to the opportunities and challenges of selective colleges and universities—to address both revenue and access imperatives
  • Long-term strategies and near-term practical steps for increasing enrollment of students from underrepresented populations

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