Private colleges and universities have spent the last decade working to prove their value in an era of concern about college affordability—but this battle is only becoming more uphill. Unsustainable discounts and prolonged price negotiations, a price-sensitive middle class, and shifting demographics all demand that institutions look beyond next-semester growth and toward securing a sustainable long-term advantage.

Join us for the Enrollment Management Forum's dedicated meeting series for private college and university enrollment leaders. The two-day meeting will feature trend analysis, case studies, and tactical advice specific to private institutions, as well as confidential discussion with peers who share similar enrollment challenges.

You will take away from this meeting:

  • Guidance on navigating the competing demands of consumerism, affordability, and revenue to support university operations
  • Road map for refining pricing and aid models to improve competitive position and address affordability issues
  • Tactics for predicting and improving yield
  • Strategies for honing the university's offerings and image to stand out against competitors and increase out-of-market draw

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