Repackaging Financial Aid to Promote Continuing Student Persistence

Part III: Director of Financial Aid Series

Topics: Enrollment Management, Financial Aid, Student Retention and Success

About the Webconference

Institutions are spending more time (and money) than ever calibrating financial aid packages to maximize a student’s chance of enrollment and success. Our hope is that we can forestall future financial problems by getting a student's package right the first time around, but many students stop out for financial reasons deep into their college career.

Unfortunately, many institutions simply do not have the resources to meet all students’ full demonstrated need, meaning some students enter school as financial attrition risks. Moreover, tight budgets and board anxiety around rising discount rates have made increases in the unfunded freshman aid budget more difficult to secure.

This webconference, the third in our series for directors of financial aid, will examine creative ways to mitigate financial attrition specifically among continuing students who may be at financial risk for attrition. These strategies proactively identify students at risk for financial attrition, triage extra resources to them in a highly targeted way, and head off common bureaucratic impediments in the financial aid process itself.

Presenter: Tania Nguyen

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