Converting Endowed Funds into Increased Enrollments

Scholarship Office Practices for Ensuring Timely Deployment of Endowed Funds

Topics: Enrollment Management, Administration and Finance, Financial Aid

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About the Webconference

Ever-increasing competition for tuition dollars means that each dollar of institutional aid is more important than ever for meeting recruitment goals. Even institutions that continue to meet their revenue goals often struggle to muster enough aid to fulfill their commitments to access and diversity.

Despite these ever-growing challenges, many institutions allocate scholarship funds to students who already plan to attend; some funds may even go un-allocated for years at a time. One EAB member institution discovered millions in scholarship funds went unallocated annually only when donors inquired about how their gifts were being spent.

This on-demand webconference covers practices that innovative institutions have implemented to ensure scholarship funds are both fully deployed and deployed in time to be able to impact yield.