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Determining the immediate priorities of our membership

Earlier this fall, the Enrollment Management Forum launched our annual topic poll to solicit feedback from enrollment managers on EMF's research agenda. The topic poll assessed members’ priorities across seven key EM categories:

  • Diversifying and Growing Enrollment Populations
  • Driving Student Success
  • Elevating the EM's Institutional Leadership Role
  • Enhancing Stakeholder Engagement
  • Harnessing Data & Analytics
  • Optimizing Financial Aid and Pricing
  • Serving At-Risk Populations

Members were asked to rank topics as "highly important," "somewhat important," or "of little importance” to them now. Our team has analyzed the data, segmented by institutional type, to pinpoint our members' top priorities. Beyond shaping our ongoing research agenda, the analysis has confirmed our understanding of where public and private interests diverge and, more interestingly, where they overlap.

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