Enrollment Data Registry

Immediate access to IPEDS enrollment, pricing, financial aid, and student success data

The Enrollment Data Registry provides quick access to key IPEDS data and allows users to easily visualize sophisticated data.

Welcome to the Enrollment Management Forum’s Enrollment Data Registry, a user-friendly database that supports enrollment shops with a wide range of analytical capabilities. The Enrollment Data Registry provides quick access to key IPEDS data, without the learning curve of the IPEDS interface.

Download the EDR and filter the data using the sorting functions in the column headers to quickly perform analyses like:

  • Investigating segment-specific enrollment and financial aid trends
  • Comparing changes in institutional grant aid to a peer group

For more sophisticated data visualization, drop the EDR’s tables into Tableau. Even offices without a dedicated research team can quickly upskill staff to conduct custom peer-to-peer and longitudinal analyses with the aid of our 5-step User Guide.

Enrollment Data Registry Features*:

  • Built-in sorting function to facilitate peer group selection
  • Data visualization in Tableau and Excel
  • A 5-step User Guide to quickly train staff to increase analytics capabilities
  • Key IPEDS variables, such as:
    • Admissions and enrollment numbers
    • Test scores
    • Entering class demographics
    • Breakdown of first-time and transfer students (new this year)
    • Tuition prices
    • Financial aid
    • Retention and graduation rates
  • Critical metrics calculated from IPEDS data, such as:
    • Yield rate
    • Draw rate (new this year)
    • Net tuition revenue per capita
    • Discount rate

New EDR features for 2018:

  • Updates that reflect the most recent IPEDS data*
  • New data columns for the number and percentage of transfer students in the entering class
  • A reference glossary of the metrics that the EDR derives from IPEDS data
  • A new derived metric: draw rate. Calculated as yield rate over acceptance rate, the draw rate allows institutions to measure their market position in relation to their peers.

*Data were pulled on 7/15/18. Amendments made to reported data after this timeframe will not be represented in the EDR until the next update.

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