Rural Student Population Factsheets

Colleges and universities across the country are increasingly interested in rural students—both for business and growth reasons and for mission-driven reasons. However, they struggle to reach, recruit, and support these rural students. While there is a considerable amount of rural student and population data available across data sets, it can be hard to look at the context around rural students holistically and use it to inform institutional efforts. To meet this need, we developed these Rural Student Population Factsheets.

The following factsheets for each state include information about the size of the rural high school student population, that population’s demographic breakdown and academic preparedness standing, and industry and employment context for each state’s rural population at large. These factsheets have been designed to shed light on each state’s rural population to inform strategic discussion around recruiting and supporting these students. They can also be used to compare neighboring states’ rural populations and explain trends you observe in your prospect and student populations.

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