Delivering a Differentiated Application Process

Redesigning recruitment interactions for the needs of underrepresented applicants

Blueprint for Enrolling a Diverse Student Body: Part 4

This white paper is the fourth installment in a four-part research series about how to identify, engage, and recruit students from underrepresented populations.

Delivering a Differentiated Application Process cover

Many high-achieving underrepresented students do not enroll in college. Qualified underrepresented students are held back by three key concerns: They may doubt their ability to afford college, to be admitted and succeed academically once enrolled, and to fit in on campus. Even when these students attempt to apply and enroll, they may encounter procedural barriers and receive insufficient support to navigate the lengthy and complex admission and enrollment process.

In the near term, colleges and universities should enroll more of these qualified students to complement parallel efforts to expand the pool of admissible students outlined in the previous installments of this research series. To do so, enrollment managers (EMs) must alleviate student concerns and minimize the process barriers that undermine their enrollment.

Download the entire publication or explore the nine best practices below to craft an application process tailored to the needs of each underrepresented applicant.

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