Ann Forman Lippens

Ann Forman Lippens

Practice Manager

2445 M St. NW, D.C. 20037

Ann Forman Lippens is a practice manager on the Facilities Forum with EAB. She is leading best practice studies on space management and building trends impacting college and university campuses.

Prior to her work with the Facilities Forum, Ann worked as a research consultant with EAB’s Business Affairs Forum. In this role she researched university budget models, labor savings opportunities, and strategic fund priorities.

Ann’s interest in education extends beyond her work at EAB. She has dedicated over 200 hours to completing multiple pro bono research projects. In 2013, she examined issues regarding the community benefit function, culminating in her sharing her best practice insights at a presentation co-hosted by the Intermountain Healthcare and the Advisory Board Company. She earned her degree in Classics from Harvard University.