Understanding the Enrollment Downturn

Future Students, Future Revenue, Part 1

Topics: Academic Affairs, Academic Planning, Administration and Finance, Enrollment Management, Facilities and Operations, Revenue Enhancement

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About the Webconference

With dwindling state funding, and research funding and transformational philanthropy concentrated at the top, many institutions feel pressure to fund strategic initiatives by growing enrollment or changing the mix of their student base. Yet, as stable enrollments and instructional revenues become increasingly important, they also get harder to secure as the number of traditional-age, college-ready students are set to shrink across the next decade.

During the first session of our Future Students, Future Revenues webconference series, attendees will get a detailed environmental scan and analysis of the higher education industry to help focus their campus discussions on how to respond to these changing industry dynamics.

The presentation will also explore the first promising alternative student segment:

  • low-income
  • high-ability students

Presenter: John Tannous