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On-Demand Webconference

Shifting the Balance from Reactive to Preventive Maintenance

About this Series

This series explores best practices for cultivating preventive maintenance within higher education facilities divisions. Topics include eliminating common timesinks, implementing data-driven scheduling, shaping a staffing plan and creating a culture of stewardship.

Past Events In Series

Building an Effective Preventive Maintenance Staffing Plan and Culture of Stewardship

This webconference details tactics to help Facilities leaders align staffing plan to better support preventive maintenance goals, as well as to build a culture of stewardship and support staff engagement.

Using Data and Asset Information to Build a Better Preventive Maintenance Schedule

This webconference explores strategies for leveraging data and asset information to build a better preventive maintenance schedule and optimize facilities departments’ maintenance efforts.

Increase Capacity for Preventive Maintenance Efforts by Eliminating Common Timesinks

This webconference explores tactics to eliminate both pervasive and campus-specific maintenance timesinks and create capacity for facilities staff to focus on critical preventive maintenance tasks.