3 strategies to improve space management communication

One of the main reasons facilities leaders struggle to improve utilization is that they lack support from senior leaders, who may not see space management as a top priority. While most facilities leaders communicate space information to campus leaders on a regular basis, their current approach typically falls short in three ways.

First, space utilization reports or presentations are too dense or jargon filled, leading some leaders to tune out. Second, they fail to communicate how stakeholders will benefit from the proposed solution. Finally, they fail to provide stakeholders with clear next steps or actions. Below we provide three communication tools to help facilities leaders overcome these challenges and generate support for space management initiatives.

Learn how you can recapture underutilized office spaces

Even as institutions dedicate even more space to offices, offices remain one of the most underutilized spaces on campus. In retaliation, facility leaders are seeking new ways to transport office space to where they are truly needed. Read this excerpt to learn about the best practice strategies for improve office space utilization by implementing enforceable actions, such as no-office protocols and voluntary office withdrawal incentives. Download the excerpt.

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