Field guide to active learning classrooms

Active learning classrooms require specific design and technology upgrades to facilitate student and faculty interaction and collaborative learning. While there are a number of potential active learning upgrades, many are expensive, and institutions creating active learning classrooms must make tradeoffs.

The Learning Space Upgrade Guide—part of the Facilities Forum's Campus Design Toolkit—serves as a resource to explain how different investments in classroom design and technology will affect the active learning experience. It can also help decision makers compare the costs and benefits of different upgrades.

Using the Learning Space Upgrade Guide

This tool consists of two tables that help institutions understand which classroom upgrades to invest in. The tables detail each upgrade, allow the reader to compare relative costs, and indicate if the upgrade advances four active learning objectives:

  • Fostering student collaboration;
  • Improving learning outcomes;
  • Supporting pedagogical needs; and
  • Enhancing classroom efficiency.

These features allow institutions to choose upgrades that will achieve their most valued goals.

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