Here’s how facilities upgrade their standard post-work order survey

One of the most common tools for facilities departments to gather customer feedback is the post-work order survey. Typically, post-work order surveys are sent automatically to the requester once the task has been completed. These surveys are well positioned to provide timely and specific feedback that helps facilities evaluate staff performance, track work order performance, and inform short-term planning.

Benefits of Post-Work Order Surveys

However, post-work order surveys do not provide a complete picture of customer satisfaction on campus; they are only one of many tools in the customer satisfaction toolkit. There are three major limitations of post-work order surveys:

Limitations of Post-Work Order Surveys

Taking post-work order surveys to the next level

Instead of post-work order surveys sending automatically by email to customers who have opened work orders, some institutions are getting more creative. The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) has created a unique 10-question survey as a post-work order survey and for general facilities feedback.

UAF’s survey is available on the homepage of their facilities services website so facilities can direct customers to the survey after any service interaction to provide immediate feedback. In particular, UAF leverages this survey for work completed in residence halls. They are designing a paper door hanger for facilities employees to leave behind when they have completed work. The door hanger will include information about who completed the work, what they did, when it was completed, and most importantly, a QR code that students can scan to go directly to the online survey.

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