Facilities unit functional diagnostic survey

Assess maturity and urgency for critical facilities unit capabilities

Facilities Unit Functional Diagnostic

Use data to drive facilities strategic planning and resource allocation

To help senior facilities leaders better understand their unit's operational and strategic maturity, the Facilities Forum has launched a functional maturity diagnostic that covers the critical responsibilities overseen by a facilities unit.

For each function, we've included a complete list of questions, an overview of the diagnostic, and a sample customized data report.

Take the Facilities Unit Functional Diagnostic Survey.

Read the complete FAQ document for additional information about the diagnostic.

What information will we need to provide? How long will it take to complete?

For each of the capabilities identified by EAB, you will need to identify your current maturity level. Our model stakes out a highly mature ambition at Level 4 and provides a baseline for acceptable performance at Level 1. Levels 2 and 3 describe steps in the interim stages and may be subject to some interpretation.

We also ask you to identify how important each capability will be to your campus within the next three years. Together, this combination of maturity and urgency will help identify gaps in current performance and support prioritization efforts on your campus.

What will I get for completing the survey?

You will receive a customized report benchmarking results from your institution against other members of the Facilities Forum and like units across North America. Starting in 2018, the Facilities Forum will produce custom data reports on a quarterly basis. You will receive your custom report at the end of the quarter in which you complete the survey.

What if I have questions while completing the survey?

Please email your dedicated advisor and he/she will respond promptly. You may go back and edit your responses until you exit the survey or click "Submit" on the final page. Once the survey is complete, you will no longer be able to edit responses.

You can find additional information in our Functional Maturity Diagnostic FAQ sheet.

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