Project Management Survey

Assess workloads and processes within project management

To help facilities leaders better understand their project management function, the Facilities Forum has launched a benchmarking survey that covers project management workload, staffing levels, tools, and outcomes metrics for different institution types.

Members must complete the survey by January 4 to participate. Take the Facilities Project Management Survey.

What information will we need to provide?

The survey asks for information regarding the project management function(s) that oversees new construction, capital renewal and renovations. Questions focus on projects, staffing levels, workloads, organizational and fee structures, and technology used. A full list of questions can be downloaded for review prior to completing the survey.

How long will it take to complete the survey?

To ensure we gather the best data possible, the survey will likely require institutions to gather data ahead of time. We estimate it will take 2-3 hours to collect the requested information and 30 minutes to fill out the survey.

What will I get for participating in the survey?

Participants will receive an executive summary of EAB’s analysis of the results, including observations of project management trends and comparisons of workloads and structures. This executive summary should be available for participants in spring 2019. As well, all participants will have the opportunity to download a (blinded) copy of the raw data to allow them to run additional analyses on their own.

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