Addressing Increasingly Complex Deferred Maintenance Decisions

Six Lessons to Improve Planning, Prioritization, and Executive Communication

This publication offers a three-part strategy for improving planning, prioritization, and executive communication.

Addressing Increasingly Complex Deferred Maintenance Decisions

While colleges and universities have faced maintenance challenges for decades, recent trends have elevated maintenance to a strategic imperative for senior leaders. Beyond tighter budgets and widening funding gaps, most institutions face the dual challenge of replacing or renovating aging buildings while maintaining newer “smart” buildings that require more frequent and complex upgrades.

A huge and growing deferred maintenance backlog is arguably one of the most daunting challenges facing most campuses. While a select few institutions have managed to eliminate (or nearly eliminate) deferred maintenance over time, the majority of these institutions possess unique, hard-to-replicate circumstances that have contributed to their success. Realistically, most institutions must adopt a methodical, slow-and-steady approach to smartly chip away at their backlog over time.

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