Capital Renewal Funding Playbook

100 tactics to fund deferred maintenance projects

This playbook outlines 10 executive-level lessons and 100 creative strategies to bridge the capital renewal funding gap, from leveraging student fees to partnering with advancement offices for donor dollars.

Capital Renewal Funding Playbook

The deferred maintenance backlog is a huge (and growing) problem almost all campuses face. Capital renewal funding to address deferred maintenance is often inadequate, as other institutional priorities compete for increasingly limited resources. Given the magnitude and pervasiveness of this issue, institutions are searching for new ways to obtain more dollars for renewal.

While there are no silver bullets for tackling a large backlog, facilities leaders can learn from colleges and universities that have used creative tactics to successfully fund capital renewal projects.

This playbook details 10 executive-level lessons for successful capital renewal funding in higher education, as well as 100 creative tactics for institutions seeking realistic funding opportunities. Together, these ideas represent the full menu of options for colleges and universities looking to diversify capital renewal funding, enabling institutions to find 10 to 12 applicable tactics that combine to have a meaningful impact.

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Broad Lessons in Funding Capital Renewal

This section provides an overview of recurring funding sources and outside funding sources, as well as strategies to partner with advancement offices. The ten executive-level lessons are based on EAB's analysis of diverse capital renewal funding strategies across higher education.  Facilities leaders can review these lessons to gain a macro-level understanding of which tactics might best support renewal projects at their institution.

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100 tactics to fund capital renewal

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