Optimizing Outsourcing Arrangements in Facilities

To help leaders better evaluate outsourcing options, this publication offers high-level guidance to successfully determine, negotiate, and manage outsourcing arrangements in facilities.

Getting the Most Out of Outsourcing Arrangements in Facilities

While contracted services are not a new strategy for higher education institutions, budget pressure has made outsourcing an increasingly compelling option for senior campus leaders. Higher education leaders increasingly view outsourcing arrangements as a potentially effective solution to the growing pressures facing their facilities departments. Effective outsourcing arrangements can provide a number of benefits including reduced costs, increased levels of service, and more streamlined processes.

However, pursuing more extensive outsourcing relationships is a new and challenging exercise for most institutions. In some cases, problems arise when institutions fail to sufficiently evaluate the feasibility of outsourcing a particular function, craft a comprehensive contract, or establish necessary structures for overseeing the arrangement.

To help leaders better orchestrate facilities outsourcing, this publication offers three sets of resources to evaluate and implement an outsourced arrangement. Download the complete publication or explore the table of contents below to learn how college and universities can identify outsourcing opportunities, negotiate enforceable arrangements, and monitor service across the outsourcing lifecycle.

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