Hiring Top Talent

Faculty are the heart and soul of any school. Tasked with carrying out a school’s mission in the classroom and beyond, faculty have a tremendous impact on the school and its community. But ad hoc processes and limited proactive recruitment mean that schools are potentially missing out on great teachers.

To attract and hire top talent, schools must first create a standard hiring process to assess candidates on the criteria that matters most. This process should include determining criteria at the outset and creating an interview process that seeks to collect evidence on these criteria. With a process in place, school must then focus on attracting new talent to the candidate pool.

EAB researchers shared best practice strategies for recruiting and hiring faculty at the 2019 Independent School Executive Forum’s executive roundtable series. We have identified 14 practices, across four areas, to help schools attract and hire top talent, listed below (click to expand).

Hiring Top Talent Best Practices for Recruiting and Hiring Great Teachers

The resources below are designed to help schools deploy the above strategies and have an immediate impact on your approach to hiring faculty.

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Hiring Top Talent

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