Institutional Risk Management Playbook

As our world grows more complex, independent schools must confront new threats to their school communities. In order to prepare for and address a broad array of institutional risks—including those that are more likely to have an impact on independent schools—schools must establish a comprehensive risk management process.

Such a process includes identifying the right people and process for risk management, finding and prioritizing potential risks across the institution, creating thorough, actionable plans to treat risks, and monitoring the effectiveness of these plans on an ongoing basis.

EAB researchers shared best practice strategies for institutional risk management (IRM) at the 2019 Independent School Executive Forum’s executive roundtable series. To help schools establish an effective institutional risk management process, we have identified 12 practices across four areas, listed below (click to expand).

The Institutional Risk Management Playbook

The resources below are designed to help schools deploy the above strategies and have an immediate impact on your approach to managing institutional risk.

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