Building a sustainable approach to campus digitization

The refrain of "unmeetable demand" is a constant theme in our conversations with CIOs. Every corner of campus seeks tech-enabled relief from pressures on traditional models for producing revenues and quality—but IT leaders and their teams are struggling to keep on top of incoming projects.

In building and executing their response to quickening digitization, CIOs are asking a number of pressing questions:

  • How can we turn integration from business cost to competitive advantage?
  • What are the next decade's critical roles and skills? How do we source them?
  • How do we educate and engage the campus on cloud-era risks, within and beyond IT?
  • What are higher education's highest-ROI BI, dashboard, and mobile capabilities?

The IT Forum 2017-18 CIO roundtable meetings will help members navigate these dilemmas by providing strategy roadmaps to set the institution on a sustainable digital path, along with innovative approaches to strengthen IT's value proposition through a more proactive approach to campus's digital assets.