Advancing Data Management

Achieving Excellence in Data Governance & Data Quality

Topics: Information Technology, Data Management

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About the Webconference

The first installment of a three-part series highlighting research from the 2014-2015 IT Forum national meeting, this session focuses on how to develop a sustainable data governance initiative and improve data quality.

Data management, including data governance and data quality, is often overlooked or undervalued by campus members in the effort to be data-driven. However, fundamentals of data management are critical for developing actionable analytics. Without suitable data management practices, institutions suffer from non-standard data definitions and ultimately data denial from end users.

Watch the presentation to learn how to:

  • Understand the importance of institutional ownership of data rather than siloed departmental or individual ownership
  • Determine which campus members should have primary roles in data governance groups
  • Run more effective and efficient data governance committee meetings
  • Understand consequences of poor data quality
  • Establish accountability across the institution for data stewardship responsibilities
  • Create mechanisms for identifying—and fixing—poor quality data
  • Please note that this is an encore presentation of material presented during our May and August webconferences.

Presenter: Kevin Danchisko