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On-Demand Webconference

The IT Forum’s 2017-2018 Research Agenda

Results from the IT Forum’s Topic Poll: Critical Priorities for Higher Ed CIOs in 2017

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About the Webconference

As a member-driven organization, every year EAB research teams release topic polls to determine the top-of-mind issues for our members. The IT Forum’s 2017 Topic Poll, released in January, reveals insights into what is most challenging to CIOs this year.

This webinar will be the first unveiling of the topic poll results to the membership and will cover:

  • In what potential research topics are the IT Forum’s member CIOs most interested?
  • What topics surprisingly “fell flat?”
  • How do these results match with what EAB’s hearing in conversations with CIOs, and how have they changed in the first three years of the IT Forum?
  • To what topics might EAB’s IT Forum dedicate its researchers this year?

Presenter: Taylor Holubar