Reducing Cycle Time Between Need and Solution

Preempting rogue purchasing by matching IT services to users' needs

Discover how progressive institutions are deploying new processes to gain foresight into end users’ technology needs and to rapidly connect end users with the services they need.

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There is widespread desire for an improved service delivery partnership between central IT and end users on campus. Front-line stakeholders feel like they don’t have access to the latest technologies they need to be effective. They expect an "Amazon experience" whenever they use technology. So when central IT can’t help end users access a service or accomplish a task on the timeframe they expect, end users instead look for someone who will—and very often, that's external vendors.

Meanwhile, central IT worries that front-line users waste scarce resources when users buy duplicate services that are already available through central IT. From the CIO’s vantage point, untold dollars are being wasted as users purchase solutions that are already available on campus, if only users took the time to look.

Download our executive brief to read how higher education IT teams are working to gain insight into end users' needs and rapidly connect users with the services they need.

10 Ways to Use This Research

  • Generating feedback on end user needs
  • Improving IT customer satisfaction
  • Rationalizing the IT service portfolio
  • Communicating the IT value proposition
  • Updating IT services for the cloud era
  • Establishing IT communication teams
  • Strengthening IT project prioritization processes
  • Refining IT resource allocation processes
  • Testing new service propositions
  • Assessing the campus IT demand profile as a new-to-campus leader

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