Creating Reusable Data Services For Campus

Finding common integration needs to capture IT efficiencies with reusable data services

Creating Reusable Data
Services For Campus cover

The explosion of technology use across different areas of campus means institutional data is now constantly in motion—and IT is under a growing burden to integrate and improve agility.

This research, written for CIOs, directors of infrastructure, and enterprise applications groups, profiles how higher education institutions have successfully consolidated point-to-point integration to provide enterprise-wide data services for their campuses, capturing benefits including better data quality, faster software onboarding, and data capability enhancements.

You can use this research to:

  1. Build an enterprise integration strategy
  2. Design an institutional middleware end state
  3. Engage stakeholders in campus integration strategy efforts
  4. Develop surveys to understand campus data usage and movement
  5. Conduct interviews to audit campus systems and data storage
  6. Implement master data management policies and practices
  7. Define integration as a campus service
  8. Assess enterprise data needs
  9. Onboard new unit-based technologies to support enterprise-wide needs
  10. Allocate IT innovation funding to incoming technology projects

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