The Top 10 Most Pressing IT Service Management Issues

This research brief profiles the top 10 "up-at-night" service management issues in higher education and how IT leaders can articulate these concerns to other campus stakeholders.

Service Management Higher Education IT Challenges

In 2017, the IT Forum launched our Functional Collaborative on Service Management. About 50 service management leaders came together in the past few months to discuss victories on their campuses and seek advice about shared challenges.

From the dozens of conversations across two months, a common list of challenges began to take shape: expanding a service mindset to IT staff not specifically tasked with service management, partnering with unit-based staff to provide frictionless service, and an ever expanding portfolio of services they are expected to provide, with flat or declining budgets.

To help our full membership benefit from the Functional Collaborative on Service Management's thought-provoking discussions, we compiled the top 10 emerging service management leader challenges. Schools can use these "up-at-night" issues to identify emerging concerns on their campus and articulate to outside stakeholders potential areas for IT investment.

Top 10 emerging issues for higher education IT service management leaders

  1. Service Catalog Content and Structure (p. 4)
  2. Service Level Agreement (SLA) Creation and Enforcement (p. 5)
  3. Help Desk Operations (p. 6)
  4. Selecting and Training Student Employees (p. 7)
  5. Service Management System Administration (p. 8)
  6. Facilitating Chargebacks (p. 9)
  7. Promoting Service Across IT Units (p. 10)
  8. Asset Management and Automated Maintenance (p. 11)
  9. Access Management (p. 12)
  10. Accessibility Policies and Services (p. 13)

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